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Indore Investment Advisory Association (IIAA) is a non-profitable organization that represents to initiate, carry out, execute, implement, aid and assist activities towards interest of stock market advisory/Investment Advisory companies in the Indian Stock Market/Financial Sector. It plays a major role in regulating the Investment Advisory sector, meeting the entire requirements with proper ethical business practices, discussion and review by following the timely orders and norms of the SEBI to serve the interests of the investment advisory profession.

The Association identifies the needs and scope of different parameters of business and develops a plan to fast pace the closures and ban over unregistered companies. The concerns of IIAAs and problems affecting the advisory companies need to be highlighted to the regulatory authorities in such as way that constructive to the growth of the Investment advisory sector, are also focused.

To be the leading industry association, IIAAs establishes good competence and trustworthy image in the investment advisory profession with respect to the development, formulation, legislation, regulations, and other policies relating to investment advisers together coordinating with government and regulatory agencies for betterment of sector.

The activities of IIAA are not simply confined in the local sector, but it works with global consultants, Sector associations and experts from national and international agencies associated with research and development, training, skill development, in the Sector. It also facilitates setting up a robust and stringent certification and accreditation process for the Sector so as to ensure consistency and acceptability of standards.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has been periodically bringing in regulations to regulate this industry so as to promote and protect the interest of the Indian Investors. In consonance with the aim of SEBI, the IIAAs need to emerge to the occasion and work together on a common platform to proactively interact with the policy makers and to edify and make powerful the members to render proper service to the ever growing investor class in India.

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