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Awareness program

Awareness program

Indore Investment Advisory Association (IIAA) an emerging platform for the Indore Advisory sector, has launched its service at Indore serving its members with the interest of strong and growing professional service harmony. The office is located at 73, RR Avenue, Nepania Road, Lasudiya, Indore. The members are enrolled to get benefitted out of the service.

The investment advisory industry is energetic and has experienced impressive growth across India in general, and Indore in particular. With thousands of small companies across India, it has become an even more vital asset to investors to Indian economy, and to the capital markets. Looking forward to more productive year ahead, the Association keep a goal of regulating the Investment Advisory sector with proper ethical business practices, following the orders and norms of the SEBI to serve the interests of the investment advisory profession. It has broadly designed its objective, Scope and regulatory structures for the interest of its members.

Looking to each aspect of the Scope and objectives, the Indore Investment Advisory Association deeply involves with the relevant regulators to make certain that the regulatory structure for advisers is as effective and efficient as possible, promoting the investor protection and capital formation by minimizing the burdens on advisers, clients, and business firms.

The Indore Investment Advisory Association expresses important concerns about their objectives and expects to continue its vital advocacy on this front in the year ahead. Working closely with its members, the Association strives to represent the interest of its clients to establish good and trustworthy image of sector at par with national and international standard of excellence with brilliant research and development activities, training, skill development etc in the Sector.

In addition to above, the Indore Investment Advisory Association keeps its members informed on key regulatory developments around the world coordinating with global consultants, Sector associations and experts from national and international agencies associated with research and development, training, skill development in the Sector. It also facilitates setting up a robust and stringent certification and accreditation process for the Sector so as to ensure consistency and acceptability of standards.

The Association provides various services and benefits to its membership entities on the issues affecting its membership and the investment advisory profession. It plans and executes training programs so as to educate members about compliance and guidelines together with examination and grades over operations. It also provides upcoming events, updates, news posting through its website in order to keep update members of relevant issues and to provide substantive and practical assistance.

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