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IIAA Policy for Recruitment & Salary

A. IIAA Policy for Recruitment & Salary

The purpose of this recruitment and selection policy is to ensure: a professional and consistent approach to recruitment and selection; Adherence to monitor’s Equality and Diversity Policy and relevant employment legislation that members of staff are recruited on the basis of their ability. Employer are able to attract and recruit high caliber staff IIAA want to constantly improve our performance as an organization. In order to make this a reality, we need to recruit from the widest possible pool of talent. IIAA allow to hire the fresher’s for an Organization and Organization can offer the employment & salary band as per below mention criteria.


Note ;-If Candidate have less than 6 month exp so IIAA not allow to organization to provide the hike in last salary to candidate .Organization can offer the same salary or less salary of respective candidate who have less than 6 month Experience .

B. IIAA Policy for Employee verification

An Organization is committed to recruiting the best qualified persons who can effectively contribute to the industry goals and objectives and The IIAA believes that employment reference checks are an important tool and key element in the recruitment and selection process and IIAA helps to the entire employer who is the part of IIAA. II AA guide the every employer, to release honest and pertinent reference information on former employees, or current employees with permission, without malice, and in confidence to potential employers, subject to verification within the 48 hrs working days. All external applicants interviewed for a position at Organization will be asked to provide written authorization for Organization to obtain reference information from current and former employers. Reference information collected from outside sources w ill be maintained in Human Resources for the entire period of the individual's employment.

IIAA provide the Sample of reference check format which will be help to employer to get correct feedback from current and last employer.


Note: - Reference Check must be revert within 48 hrs (working day) by mail only.

C. IIAA Policy for Formal Relieving (including, Resignation, Termination & Absconding)

IIAA provide the keen guideline to respective employer about reliving policy .

In normal scenarios the Formal Relieving between employer and employee can be due to any of the following three

1) Resignation – Employee decides to leave the organization.

2) Termination – Employer decides to break the contract of employment.

3) Absconding – When the employee decides to leave the organization without tendering his resignation or following the pr oper process of separation.


Need to check whether the employee has applied for Resignation before completion of Bond Period or after completion of Bond Period

After completion of Bond Period-

Need to confirm the reason of disjointing and the process of Separation to be followed as mentioned.

Notice Period- Need to serve the Notice Period of minimum 1 Month or depend on the date on which he/she has requested for Resignation from the services.


As regards termination of employment for disciplinary reasons , following procedure is followed. Memo or Warning Letter is being issued to the employee and the whole incident is properly documented.

Notice Period-Not to be served

Relieving and Experience Letter-Will be Released along with Correct and detail Feedback.

Abscond-If any employee remains absent from work without any reasonable explanation and leave approval for more than 3 days will be declared as absconded. It may result in termination of services due to absconding without any notice.

Abscond-Not to be served

Relieving and Experience Letter-Will not be Released.


1:- Employer Question: Can a company deny the relieving letter if the employee has resigned and served the notice period as per the contract?

IIAA Ans :- No , IIAA does not give the rite to employer to make such activity , If employee serve the notice as per the agreement terms so employer must have to release his/her relieving letter as per company TAT.

2:- If employer is not releasing Reliving Letter ?

IIAA Ans :- So Candidate can leave the company on the expiry of the notice period and prospective employer will understand that you did the right thing. And will not demand relieving letter, but, will demand the copy of the notice and proof of service on th em. The relieving letter is not necessary. In such case, as you have explained, the company cannot force Employee to remain with them.

3:- Employer Question: Verbal Resignation would be Consider?

IIAA Ans :- Verbal saying about resignation has no meanin g if you have sent your formal notice for resignation. You may remind them in writing to intimate their decision on your resignation e.

4:- What about the terminated and abscond employee?

IIAA Ans – If any of the employee get absconded or terminated as per the norms of IIAA from any of the IA organization in that case the list of such employees are updated on the IIAA portal. (

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